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HOMEMay 26, 2021Managing oily hair in summer

Many of us experience oilier-than-usual hair in the warmer months. And there are only so many days in a row we can get away with the (very on-trend) slicked-back ponytail to manage it. Washing it more often seems like the simple …

ABC News Your Biggest Hair Questions, Answered

One thing 2020 taught us it's that even in a disaster, we will always have time for beauty. Indeed, the global pandemic put a lot on …

Allure The ‘Paper-Cut’ Bob Is Trending for Summer

We're all feeling the urge to mark the end of lockdown with a bang or, in the case of our hair, a bob. The universally flattering …

Glamour The Psychology of Post-Pandemic Dressing

In recent weeks, as the New York City weather has warmed and my second vaccine jab has clocked in at full, immunized capacity, I've started …

Fashionista How Figuring Out Your Hair Porosity Is the Key to Perfect Curls

Not gonna lie—I really, truly thought that at this point in my life, after a decade of obsessively trying every single curly …

Cosmopolitan The 50 Greatest Gowns Ever Worn By A Royal

The royal family has no shortage of gorgeous gowns. From Princess Margaret's statement-making dresses to Meghan Markle's royal wedding reception gown, it's basically a royal rite of passage to wear a seriously jaw-dropping design. …

Elle Here's the Right Way to Grow Your Hair Out

You can only maintain the same crew cut or high and tight for so long before you wonder how to grow out your hair—and what life is like …

GQ Ribbon Blond Is the Prettiest New Hair Highlighting Technique

Wondering which way to go with your hair color? We've been thinking the same thing about ours. We've grown to love mousy, natural hair …

Glamour "I gave too much attention to my career and my family suffered. Then I gave too much attention to my family and my career suffered. Now I'm giving all my attention to Julia Roberts and I'm finally happy."

Copyright © Randy GlasbergenConstitutional Convention Convenes

With George Washington presiding, the Constitutional Convention formally convenes. The process began with the proposal of James Madison's Virginia Plan.

The day was May 25. What year was it?Quote of the Week

"The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express."

Francis BaconTrivia

What is the historically oldest piece of clothing?

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What is the historically oldest piece of clothing?

Answer: LoinclothA Newsletter Station Publication

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